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Business services

Project protection support

NESON has CRM customer management system, to the national customer management. The Cooperative Party's project can be protected strictly after it is submitted, which ensures that the project relationship can move forward normally and smoothly without any other interference.

Sales tool support

NESON has a complete sales tool, from brochures, product catalogs, ready to meet customer needs. New Hao Wei web site includes a complete product gallery, partners can be timely update office furniture changes. All of NESON's products have specific product name and model, communication is accurate and convenient, and prices can be provided at any time.

Solution Design support

NESON has good office furniture space planning and design capability. Has a wealth of project experience, and has a set of standardized operating standards and operating procedures. According to the different needs of all types of customers, free cooperation with the partners to quickly make the proposal, win the opportunity.

Bid Sample support 

NESON comprehensive qualifications, leading standards, for the bidding of various projects have rich operational experience. At the same time, NESON outstanding customization ability, can at any time according to customer needs to provide support.

Interest Protection Support 

NESON uphold integrity and mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, and adhere to the strong and strong counterparts, we must become strong cooperation concept.

The Adjuster

NESON has branches in more than 20 cities in China, serving all parts of the country, and all products 3 years of quality maintenance. So that our clients can live in peace. 

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